Our Company

Numa was founded in 2003 to complement its sister company's management consultancy practice in enabling the implementation of management framework via technology solutions. This strength of business insight from the management consultancy practice has enriched the analytical solutions developed by Numa.

To date, Numa has built a variety of solutions that include Planning and Budgeting, Profitability, Activity Based Costing, Financial Consolidation, Hydrocarbon Fiscal Analytics, and Economics Data Management.

Numa is committed to delivering value-adding solutions to clients. Our extensive business knowledge and expertise, as well as our commitment, have enabled Numa to build an extensive clientele across multiple industries and sectors. These industries and sectors include:

  • Banking and Financial Services

  • Government

  • Investment Management and Pension Funds

  • Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Oil and Gas

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Trading

  • Utilities

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